Clear sealer for aggregate and concrete surfaces

Agreseal™ concrete and aggregate sealer is a ready to use clear glaze specifically formulated to seal and protect decorative exposed aggregate concrete surfaces and to improve concrete surface performance and appearance.

Agreseal is a penetrating non-yellowing glossy wet look sealer, recommended as a two coats system to provide a durable surface ideal for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Agreseal provides an attractive finish for new and old exposed aggregate surfaces.

Application and features

Agreseal is manufactured from Acrylic Polymer Resins in a solvent base, designed to assist surface impregnation and is specifically formulated for exposed aggregate concrete. Agreseal is highly durable and resistant to oil and most household chemicals excluding petrol and solvents (please refer to Nutech PaveCoat Petrol Resistant)

Agreseal can also be used as a decorative and protective coating system on a wide range of concrete paving and building applications excluding clay and terracotta bricks and tiles. Agreseal provides excellent adhesion, weather and waterproofing protection and a hard wearing surface.

Designed as a two coat system, Agreseal provides excellent protection against fading and powdering of oxide colours, staining and marking due to contaminants including foodstuffs, oil and grease.


  • Improves surface performance of the concrete
  • Enhances concrete and aggregate colours
  • Helps protect against freeze/thaw damage
  • Protects against most stains and many household chemicals
  • Repels grease, oil and water
  • Non-yellowing glossy wet look after two coats
  • Low maintenance and improves cleaning
  • Non yellowing and resistant to discolouration
  • Easily recoated

Application Guide

Sealing New Exposed Aggregate Surfaces

On newly constructed exposed aggregate ensure that the surface is clean and dry. If the surface is affected by white efflorescence, broom over with clean Nutech Thinners to dissolve and dissipate all salts before sealing.

Dilute Agreseal by up to 50% Nutech Thinners for the first coat and apply an even coat using a soft bristle broom, roller or spray at the rate of 1 litre per 3 to 5 square metres. Avoid ponding or pooling. Stir thoroughly before using Agreseal. A very light mist spray or light roller application technique will not ensure surface penetration and subsequent adhesion problems may result.

Apply a second coat without dilution in the same manner as the first coat at the rate of 1 litre per 3 to 5 square metres. If Agreseal is being applied in hot weather, the addition of 2 litres of Nutech Thinners per 20 litres of Agreseal will reduce surface bubbling.

If inadequate seal thickness is applied on new exposed aggregate, some efflorescence (salt whitening) may occur for a short period. This white powder can usually be washed off easily and should cease after several months. The application of one or two additional coats of Agreseal can prevent the appearance of white salts. Although Agreseal will prevent surface powdering of the concrete, sealers do not appreciably increase the hardness of the concrete surface. Soft or damaged surfaces should not be sealed with Agreseal without special surface treatment to stabilise and harden the concrete.

Sealing & Resealing Old Exposed Aggregate

Old exposed aggregate surfaces which have never been sealed should be cleaned, degreased and then treated with a dilute hydrochloric acid and water etch (1 part acid to 20 parts clean water). After treatment two coats are recommended as per a newly constructed surface.

On old previously sealed exposed aggregate it is important to remove all grease, oil, food, contamination and flaking sealer before re-sealing. Nutech Grease Magic should be used to remove oil and grease. Soaking heavy stains with Grease Magic before high pressure water cleaning is recommended. Testing is recommended before applying Agreseal over another manufacturer’s sealer to ensure compatibility. Before applying Agreseal do not acid etch the concrete if there is an existing sealer or coating on the surface, because coating delamination will occur.

Very old, hard sealer or problem and delaminating sealer surfaces should be thoroughly scrubbed with Nutech Seal Repair Solution before re-sealing; refer Seal Repair Solution Guidelines. Testing a small area using this method allowing to weather for 4-6 weeks is highly recommended. If the new sealer on the test area fails, stripping the old sealer, acid etching and high pressure water cleaning will be required before applying new coats of Agreseal.

Curing Time

Curing time is dependant on temperature. At 25ºC Agreseal will touch dry in 30 minutes. Allow a minimum of 1 hour between coats in warm weather and longer in cool weather. In cold weather allow additional time. Full curing is not achieved for up to one week. Avoid parking vehicles for several days in cold weather allow additional time. Full curing is not achieved for up to one week. Avoid parking vehicles for several days in cold weather and 3-4 days in very hot weather. Do not park vehicles with hot tyres on newly applied Agreseal for at least five days.


Slip Hazard Sealing of smooth and sloping concrete surfaces will reduce pedestrian and vehicle safety. Adding one or two 300 gram packets of Nutech Anti-Slip Additive per 20 litres in the final coat of Agreseal will reduce slipping and improve pedestrian safety. On some round pebble exposed aggregate, Nutech Anti-Slip Additive is not adequate on steep and sloping surfaces, therefore Agreseal is not recommended for sealing these steep and sloping surfaces. Refer to your Nutech specialist for alternative recommendations on steep, smooth surfaces. testing on site is recommended in all cases as site conditions vary widely.

Quick Reference

Suitable Surfaces

Exposed Aggregate


Clear colourless viscous liquid


Nutech Thinners

Coats Required:

2 Coats


Highly (80% Volatiles)

Application Temperature:

8°C - 30°C

Coverage Rate:

3-5 m2/L


Clear Finish


Solvent Based

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Important Notice

The information given in this data sheet is based on many years experience and is correct to the best of our knowledge. However as the use of our product is beyond our control we can only be responsible for the quality of our product at the time of dispatch. For additional information about specifications or application please contact our company. As this information is of a general nature we cannot assume responsibility for individual use.